Xiaomi STYJ02YM Sweeping And Mopping Robot Vacuum Cleaner Coupons

Xiaomi STYJ02YM 2 in 1 Sweeping Mopping Robot Vacuum Cleaner – White Germany

Brand: Xiaomi

  • Crossing Obstacles up to 2cm
  • Smarter Zoned Cleaning
  • Three Cleaning Modes
  • Set the cleaning or non-cleaning area on the APP map, set the target, Xiaomi MI Home will build the cleaning map automatically on the way.
  • 2100Pa Powerful Suction
  • The LDS sensor will scan the room and create a room map, then efficiently navigate an entire level of your home and keep track of its location.
  • Automatically Infrared Chargeback and Resumes
  • Intelligent Electronic Control Water Tank
  • LDS Laser Mapping
  • Evenly out of the water, care for the wooden floor.
  • Runs for up to 2 hours, then automatically returns to its charge base to recharge and resume cleaning the unfinished work.
  • It can cross obstacles up to 2cm high, including common thresholds or other things such as cables among furniture, as easily as walking on the firm floor.
  • With the plant bionics system, its’ filter can absorb water automatically and keep enough water content. Single sweeping mode, single mopping mode, multi sweeping and mopping modes, cleaning the floor effectively.
  • Xiaomi MI Home Robot can vacuum where dirt, dust hide and even large debris like cereal from wherever it hides, navigating around furniture and under beds, corner trash, and other hard-to-reach places.
  • Power (W): Other
  • Function: Sweep Suction
  • Voltage (V): Other
Coupons Price Expiry Coupon Code
$319.99 2021-03-31

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