360 S6 Pro Laser Navigation Wet And Dry Robot Vacuum Cleaner 5200mAh Battery 53dB Low Noise RF Omnidirectional APP Dual Remote Control 2200Pa Suction Coupons

360 S6 Pro LDS Lidar Laser Navigation Wet and Dry 5200mAh Robot Vacuum Cleaner 53dB Low Noise RF Omnidirectional + APP Dual Remote Control 2200Pa Suction – White

Brand: 360

  • S6 Pro is the flagship robot vacuum cleaner of 360 brand. With its large 5200mAh battery, superior 2200Pa suction power, intelligent 200ml water tank, 53dB minimum noise canceling system, advanced ultrasonic anti-collision sensors, plus version 5,0 route SLAM algorithm, version 6.0 multi-floor mapping and Alexa / Google / Clova voice assistant, S6 Pro will bring amazing experience when it polish home.
  • Simply Smarter, Reliably Intelligen
  • 2200Pa(Max) Strong Suction Power
  • Accomplish cleaner needs without any efforts, speak and go!
  • 3-stage of water seepage, select water-stage in APP, the cleaner will mop over 150m² continuously and leave no water-stain in hardwood floor. Ergonomic water-tank supports easy water-injection, install and detach with one hand.
  • Integrated Sweeping and Mopping Cleaning System
  • The largest battery capacity of 360 cleaners* allows cleaner to sweep 300m² or mop 150 m² in one time and run up to 3 hours under "Quiet" mode. (Compare to 360 S series)
  • RF remote control includes most of the short-cut functions of APP and supports to control cleaner even in different rooms, just click and go!
  • 5200mAh Large Battery
  • Smart ultrasonic sensors detect obstacles automatically and avoid hitting the legs of furniture. Anti-block sensors on lidar conver and anti-winding systems help cleaner to disentangle from the trap. Smart trap notification helps cleaner to mark this place as an off-limit area when cleaner meets the same trap again.
  • Integrated cleaning system provides 3 cleaning solutions, sweeping & mopping, sweeping only (automatically switches to the sweeping map), mopping only (automatically switches to the mopping map, and mopping off-limit can be set in APP).
  • 53dB(Min) Patented Noise Canceling System
  • Lift suction increases 22%* and can pick up pet hair even AA battery or steel balls in 4-level cleaning mode. Self-adjust main brush improves suction efficiency and cleans dust in carpet fiber or hardwood floor joints. (*Compare 360 S6)
  • The cleaner noise in Quiet Mode is 53dB, even lower than talking-voice. The air duct adopts a streamlined design to effectively avoid wind tsunami, and a wide-band sound-absorbing material will absorb the airflow noise, highly reducing the frequency and amplitude of air vibration. The cleaner will not disturb normal life.
  • 200ml Intelligent Ergonomic Water-tank
  • V5.0 Route SLAM Algorithm & V6.0 Multi-floor Mapping
  • Mapping 6.0 can easily build and remembers multiple floors maps to improve the cleaning efficiency of the entire home. Choose the saved map will highly improve cleaning efficiency. Setup sweeping virtual off-limit area(no-go area) or mopping off-limit area(carpet or rough floor) base on precision maps. Selective room cleaning, mapping 6.0 will mark rooms automatically, you can choose cleaning sequence and merge or split rooms according to your needs.
  • RF Omnidirectional Remote Control
  • Ultrasonic Anti-collision Protect Furniture
  • Support Alexa, Google Assistant, Clova Voice Service
  • Precision V5.0 lidar SLAM algorithm works with advanced hardware provide the most intelligent features, at the same time, access to 360 latest advancements in the future – through firmware and software updates designed to improve functionality over time.
  • APP control with plenty of smart functions
  • Spot cleaning mode
  • Share with your family
  • Track the sweeping area in APP
  • Compatible with Android, iOS smartphones
  • Off-limit area (no-go area)
  • RF remote control and APP control
  • Ideal for the home with pets
  • Climbing 2cm(0.8in) thresholds at a 25° elevation angle
  • Cliff sensors prevent the vacuum from falling
  • Wash the dustbin and the filter directly with water
  • Wall sensor helps to sweep around corners and along the walls
  • Auto-recharge and resume from breakpoin
  • 2.4Ghz Wi-Fi required.
  • Before using this vacuum, carefully read the quick guide and the user manual.
  • There are 2 kinds of universal plugs in the box (under adapter), please find the appropriate adapter for your region and use it to charge the robot vacuum.

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