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Car Vacuum Cleaner Car Handheld Vacuum Cleaner Mini Vacuum Cleaner For Car Aspirateur 5Kpa Powerful Vaccum Cleaners Auto – Orange CHINA

Brand: Grikey

  • 120W CAR VACUUM CLEANER: 120W super power handheld automotive/vehicle vacuum is an ideal tool to clean cigarette ash, cookie crumbs, dog hair, pebbles, grass, dir, etc. Controlled by ON / OFF switch, easy to use, complete with convenient attachment and washable filter
  • PORTABLE VACUUM: Compact, handy and lightweight portable vacuum cleaner, occupies a tiny place, easy to empty, perfect for travel and all 12V vehicles
  • DUAL-USE VACUUM CLEANER: Wet and dry amphibious car vacuum cleaner, DC 12-volt used directly from the car lighter socket, the power cord of this handheld auto vacuum cleaner is 5m/16ft, You can clean all parts of the car
  • HANDHELD VACUUM: Our vacuum cleaner is very handy and great to have on hand, A high performance motor provides continuous suction capability
  • Power source: car cigarette lighter
  • Cable length: 5m / 16f
  • Size: 36 x 10 x 9cm/ 14” x 3.9” x 3.5”
  • Voltage: DC 12V
  • Insert the cigarette lighter into car cigarette lighter socket.
  • Please use the different Nozzle in different corner. The power cable is 5M / 16ft, it will help to clear each place, including Car trunk.
  • In front of the vacuum cleaner with a filter housing cover fixed switch, press the button to take off front cover to clean the filter.
  • The switch on/off button is on the top of the vacuum cleaner, turn on the switch make vacuum working.
  • This car vacuum work both in dry and wet, when suck water ,please take off front cover to drain away the water.
  • Not use or feel the suction is not enough, please feel free to contact us, we’ll provide very detailed video instructions. Or you could try another 12v power to try, pls ensure the power could run 120W.
  • Entrance aligned garbage when used, debris must not exceed the size of inlet diameter.
  • Open the dustbin to drain in time when water sucking.
  • Different occasions to replace the different nozzles.
  • Not recommended to clean opp bags, because the inlet is blocked easily by opp bags.
  • I would recommend emptying your vacuum at about half way full, otherwise it will affect the suction well.
  • HEPA filters can be cleaned and reused.
  • When the vacuum cleaner does not work, please check the plug is in good connection, and check if the fuse plug is off.
  • Continuous work cannot be more than 20 minutes. Slight fever phenomenon, please do not care, this is normal.
  • The vacuum cleaner only work with DC 12V.
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$65.92 2021-03-31

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