ABS Vacuum Sealer Wine Stopper Fresh Wine Keeper Champagne Cork Stopper Coupons

1Pc ABS Vacuum Red Wine Bottle Cap Stopper Vacuum Sealer Wine Stopper Fresh Wine Keeper Champagne Cork Stopper Kitchen Bar Tools – Black CHINA

Brand: Crsmaife

  • Optimized Vacuum Wine Stopper
  • It’s always sad to find your beloved wine go bad due to improper preservation. So here, we equipped our product with top sealing system and quality materials, all for an optimized wine stopper to keep your drinks fresher for longer. Just add this little helper to your enjoyable life, time will prove it a right choice!
  • 4-There must be an air leakage. If the number of the date dial drops to “L" level, re-press the stopper to pump the air out.
  • 1-Cork the wine stopper into an opened bottle.
  • 3-Rotate the wine stopper to record the seal date.
  • 2-Press the wine stopper gently and firmly for several times, until the date number reaches the level "H".
  • 1-Close supervision is necessary when used by or near children and disabled people.
  • 3-You may store a sealed bottle in fridge for better preservation.
  • 2-Please wash it in clean water after use, then wipe it with soft cloth before drying. Please avoid abrasive cleaning agents.
  • Color: Black
  • Specification: 4.8(D)x5.7(H)cm/1.9×2.2in
  • Material: PC, Silicone
  • Compatible For: 750ml Wine Bottle
  • Total Weight: 45g/0.1lbs
Coupons Price Expiry Coupon Code
$15.89 2021-02-28

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