Xiaomi Mijia Laser Projection TV 4K Home Theater 200 Inch Coupons

Main Features

  • The projection brightness will be lowered to the minimum instantaneously to avoid the laser source directly shining into the eyes. Effective reduction of radiation to glasses
  • The service life of the light source is more than 25,000 hours, and it can be used for about 17 years with 4 hours a day.
  • With the new ALPD 3.0 laser fluorescence display technology, the ratio of red light is as high as 16-18%.
  • 5000 ANSI Lumens
  • ALPD 3.0 Display Technology
  • Up to 3000:1 of the original contrast, coupled with support for HDR 10 decoding, better support for high dynamic range picture presentation.
  • With 0.233:1 ultra-short focus lens design, it can be placed directly against the wall, without occupying indoor space, leaving screen occlusion.
  • Mijia Laser Projection Television, which can project super-large images up to 80-150 inches, redefines your concept of home theater.
  • Rich high-end interface configuration
  • 150 inches screen, that’s the private theater.
  • System-level temperature monitoring, automatic adjustment of fan power, high-brightness mode can still maintain low noise operation. Each module has designed a dedicated air outlet channel to optimize the air flow direction between the modules, quickly and efficiently deliver heat, effectively prolong the service life of the whole machine.
  • 4K Resolution
  • Wide gamut distribution, richer color, more real restoration.
  • Close arrangement of rules, reasonable optimization of space, the smaller size of the whole body.No space is occupied.
  • 3000:1 Contrast
  • Dual Full Frequency+Dual High-Frequency Audio System
  • It can be used day and night.
  • Dolby virtual + voice enhancement technology
  • There is an anti-direct-looking sensor on both sides of the lens, which automatically detects the approaching person.
  • Customized DLP digital light processing technology, the picture performance is clearer and brighter, the details are rich and lifelike, and the restoration degree is higher
  • 25000 + Hour Ultra-Long Light Source Life
  • Using a fully customized modular hardware system, the internal space is skillfully utilized.
  • Bring a broader stereo sound quality.
  • The picture resolution is amazing 4K (3840x2160dpi), using Texas Instruments (TI).
  • Intelligent fan, real-time temperature control
  • Eye protection system
  • Fully Customized Hardware System
  • Through the powerful Dolby virtual surround and voice enhancement technology, we can experience the accuracy of the sound source. Be personally on the scene.
  • Ultra Short Focus Lens
  • High fidelity audio system specially designed and developed with dual full frequency and dual high-frequency combination.
Coupons Price Expiry Coupon Code
$999.99 2021-02-28

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